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   If what you read already was enough to motivate you, this page's task is to help you discover the most beautiful island,

in your own way, to schedule your cultural visit, on your own budget, using  time the way you choose...

      Our visit  starts from prehistoric Akrotiri*...From Fira by bus it takes 45mins, you can rent a car or motorbike ,

taxis available...

  Buy the total visit ticket** . The prehistoric city , with 3 floor  house 4000 years old, water evacuation system  already established, triangular square, is an  architectural  structure of an advanced  society, with big buildings for  more  than  a family space, reminding the houses of the Minangkabau in Indonesia, a house to live & work…Few potteries, and a lot of imagination  is necessary to see the walls of the most important buildings, covered with frescoes…

   Since the museums   and the sites are open till 3 am , before or after, according to your own choice, the beautiful red & white beaches, one after the other, could  offer some relaxation, with swimming or sun bathing…To get the small boats for

 the beaches, you continue the road in front of the dig for 100m, to reach the little bay… Around the bay, before or after

the beaches, you can have fresh  seafood, in the family taverns..

    To change the see level, we recommend [since the ticket is included], visit to Ancient Thera***…near  Kamari, the biggest tourist village in Santorini.. At  the top of  the hill, another [historic this time] city.   Not much to see, but with incredible  view 

to  the  rest of the island, which a lot of people visit only for the view…

 If you take the bus from Fira you can get a taxi from Kamari ,  for ancient Thera…  

Any how  this is your recommended  place to swim in deep waters or to enjoy the sun ..

    The visit to the volcano comes after for those who wish to walk on it at least onece…

There are boats and small  ferries for

 a quick visit to Therasia, an island nearby with the incredible view  of Santorini Caldera, organize different visits, most of them proposing Old & New Kameni, two different craters, and then Thirasia, some times also Oia …

   To notice here a very interesting experiment of NASA, in new Kameni or hot springs**** .  Since you’ll   stay in Fira,

 the best way to get to the port for the excursion is by using the cable car...The donkeys used to secure transportation before

the cable car was set, donkey riders being mostly tourists today... Cable car or donkeys, you’ll  pay the same price, each way  you want to go, down or up*****...

          The Thera foundation conference center, 10min walk from the cable car station upwards, offers the possibility to see

 the reproductions of the frescoes...

          From there, all the way down to the hotel Atlantis, you can visit the Catholic church, the Gyzi megaron  with cultura

l events and exhibitions, the Archeological Museum, with interesting pieces from historic periods of the island, just near the cable car...

       From this point up to the Atlantis  hotel is what  we call the gold street of Santorini. Nowhere else in the world on such

 a short street are exhibited  so many jewelry or  art crafts ,all being here after the island was discovered by tourists...

To buy proper souvenirs from Greece is not easy in Santorini, since everything  in  fashion , find its way to the customer,

in  many cases more expensive, than in your own country. Even that Santorini taxes vat]******, are the lowest in Europe[13%],  import jewellery, art crafts of any type, watches, under commissioning, becomes unaffordable…

       To be sure you will find Greek handmade jewelry, you should ask for guarantee, including the manufacturing  location…


         Finally it is interesting to visit  the different villages from Fira to Oia:******** First Firostefani, after the conference center, and as the way continues, from  the caldera towards to Oia, you enter the  third,  more expensive area in the EEC countries,

to buy land...

     Walking through the narrow path the most beautiful traditional houses became luxury villas  to spent   hours only enjoying

the incredible view..

Don't forget to step at my place .

 santorini ancient greece  art spirit

     Merovigli, the only village  of the caldera , that even in August  you can walk with out  anyone around,

is were you can find us, since after 16 years , we decided to renovate our own troglodyte house, the postcard of Merovigli...

       There we would be dilated to show you  a house with more than a Century in its walls , a proper domain for those

who seek  the authentic atmosphere on this island....

         The house is located right below the most popular Tavern of " Skaros", extended in three levels where the  Art Space

 is the closest one in the caldera.

    After a good exercise for those who like to walk, finally ,  the north city of Oia..

       Few years ago, a paradise of local culture, became today  very touristic ,so, expensive..

       The local culture so well preserved in architecture, is not enough to make you experience a deserted******* village,

 a feeling that life and death are closer in Oia than to any other place in the island.**********

      Before you enter in http:/ to book  your own  place  to stay, remember that the island has

a lot of beautiful villages, not yet  so changed, where you can enjoy Greek hospitality...

                    Enjoy your visit...

*Time schedule: transfer, visit, red beach & white beach to swim, fish Taverns for lunch or dinner: 4 hours

** 8E all museums and archeological sites

*** Time schedule: visit of the site, swim or shopping  in Kamari, lunch or dinner, transfer from Fira by bus: 4 hours

**** NASA found a bacteria there , which produce oxygen, similar to bacteria found on a  rock being brought back from Mars a few years ago

*****  Since the donkey owners get money from the cable car organization you do not have to ride except if your adventure spirit is driving  you to do so...Any accident due to fall, will  be  taken care, with the limited equipment of a health first aid station, so be sure it pays to visit it ...

****** Refundable for non EEC residents

******* By foot it takes 20 min to Merovigli,3 hours to Oia. Bus service from Fira to Imerovigli and Oia is available

 every 1\2 hour

******** After the earthquake of 1956

********* Tourist transformation started in the areas around the port…The fisherman’s port of Oia, is magnificent. 

 Little fish taverns, magnificent sunsets, what brought tourism down there..

Santorini ancient Greece still can bring educational travel back to the island...