santorini ancient Greece:Excavations at Akrotiri, Thera

4000 Years of Culture
Each house has different decoration...
Visit them all, to realize that 
they have been organized
to express [symbolically],
a religious message...
Earlier than the written records,
but also today in African tribes,
circumcision ceremonies are used
as time reference...
In xeste 3, all healing plants
should be related to the ceremony
 of initiation...
The fear of the volcanic eruption
seems to be the strongest motive
of the wall-paintings...
Compare this evidence
with the Eleusinian Mysteries
to realize the connection ...

Santorini ancient Greece is waiting for your interest 


santorini ancient greece symbol of spring

S. S.  design














House Of The Ladies




West House







Xeste 3:

Saffron Gatherer (1st Floor )

Running Spiral (Ground Level )







santorini ancient greece excavations map





Sector A







Sector Beta