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After 20 years on this island in Greece  , any hotel or restaurant, any Bar 
or nice view spot in the caldera , could mean an extra income.for the locals.. 
Santorini though is an active volcano who's changing shape every century! 
4000 years ago , people came back after the most important volcanic erruption
 in Mediterranean , because probably it was for them , the  Promise Land..
Santorini today became a trade premise over one of the most important natural
or cultural destinations in Europe ....
Santorini belongs to all ...

Click on every image to open a different subject about Santorini :
A virtual trip to the prehistoric City of Akrotiri! For those who like to touch History...

santorini akrotiri conclusion
 'LES PARISIENNES Are you ready to enter a relationship?
 MAKE YOUR ORDER NOW! Discover Santorini  means click on its images to learn what you can do and where to go!      Santorini Simos tavern/Nutrition and longevity
What did the Therans to heal the traumatised girl in xeste 3? Santorini Greece Greek lessons for free!!!     Santorini guide
Mihalis and Jenifer Aniston/santorini taverns and restaurants santorini Today/presentation Santorini  is also a singles destination!
Santorini for all... Santorini must not become a tourist trap... Santorini is ,
what your attitude
 is making it!
Stay real people
while visiting!!!

Panayotis Canellopoulos | Δημιουργία εμβλήματος

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