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Santorin Grece ,UNESCO 

                   Santorin Grece  UNESCO

                                         [texte en Anglais]

                            santorin  grece ancienne  hirondelles  

 santorini ancient greece "The swallows"

     As we have already noticed, the myth of ATLANTIS,

the illegal Military government, and the absence of equally  

valuable information *, delayed dramatically the scholarly appreciation 

of Prehistoric Thera Frescoes ...

Officially , history began 8 centuries later, with the Homeric poems 

that were written around 600. BC for possible events that happened

approximately about 1400 BC.

The discovery of TROY by SLEMAN, proved the historical considerations

of the HOMERIC POEMS, thus linear A and B, the writing systems 

of MINOAN and MYCENEAN civilization not being understood, 

delayed the scientific recognition of the historical evidence of Minoan Crete

and Prehistoric Akrotiri:
 "no Language=no History".

Therefore to it is totally mistaken to consider 

myth as evidence and evidence as myth, since the wall paintings

were organized pictures that we can understand.

We have created this site to help you realize how important

is to complete faster the excavations

with international participation since those frescoes

are not only of local but of international interest as well .

* Since Akrotiri is the first excavated city with organized

painting varying from house to house so to compare

and study the relationship.



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